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Professional Translation Services… in Swansea?

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Professional Translation Services… in Swansea?

For professional translation services, look no further than Lingua Translations!Sometimes people are surprised by the fact that our head office is based in Swansea rather than London, or some other major city. Even Cardiff as it is the capital of Wales. Although London may at first seem like the natural choice, it wasn’t the best fit for us. For a translation and interpreting company, there are several good reasons why we love Swansea. This is why we have chosen to base our offices here.

For starters, space in London is at a premium. As a result the company’s overheads would have been much higher if we were based in the Big Fog. This would have resulted in higher prices for our customers, and we don’t believe this is fair. Our view is that professional translation services shouldn’t cost the Earth.

A constant source of pride for Lingua Translations is how different we are from other providers of professional translation services. We’re not owned or run by business people, but by qualified translators. We like being different in every other aspect of our work. So why follow the crowd to London? We want to be the trend-setters. We want to be the people who set the bar in our industry, not sheep following the herd! (Apologies for the sheep reference, I couldn’t resist.)

A Welsh company

We’re really passionate about being a Welsh company, and fully support the development of the Welsh language. It would seem silly to move away from Lingua Translations’ home. Also, as a bilingual country, translation takes on a special significance in Wales. It means that everyone can access texts in the language of their choice, even though it may not be the country’s majority language (yet).

Finally, who wouldn’t love the view from our new waterfront offices? Swansea has some beautiful stretches of coastline, and the authorities have really invested in improving the city centre in recent years. We’re proud to say we’re a Swansea company! Ambition is critical! If it’s good enough to Dylan Thomas, then its good enough for us.

If you would like more information about our expert language services, including professional translation services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Sharon Stephens is Operations Director of Lingua Translation. With a First Class Honours Degree in Translation and a University Lecturer in Translation (Masters), she is a self confessed language geek! Bringing the academic principles of translation and business together Sharon offers a quality-driven and needs centric translation and interpreting service - like no other.

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