This week has been an exciting one for Lingua Translations, as we won the regional Lloyds TSB Best Enterprise Award! Please tell us what you think of this week’s articles!


What does it take to offer a professional legal interpreting service?

Megan muses on what exactly makes a truly professional legal interpreting service.


Post-editing and document translation services.

We talk about the rising popularity of post-edited machine translations, and why we don’t provide this type of translation.


The ease of telephone interpreting.

Estrella explains some of the benefits of telephone interpreting as opposed to traditional face-to-face methods.


Award winners!

Lingua Translations became the winner of the Welsh regional heat of the Lloyds TSB Best Enterprise Award this week. Wish us luck for the finals!


About sign language interpretation.

Here, we share some interesting facts about sign language interpreting. How much do you know about it?