The Rosetta Stone and Translation Services

Published 22nd September 2011
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The Rosetta Stone and Translation Services

Discovered by one of Napoleon’s soldiers in 1799, the Rosetta Stone is a great example of early translation. It proved to be the key to our modern understanding of hieroglyphics.

The ancient Egyptian stele (stone slab) is uneven in shape. It stands at 3’ 9” at its tallest point, is 11” thick and weighs approximately 120 stone!

The stone bears the inscription of a decree issued on behalf of King Ptolemy V in 196 BC. It is so important to linguists because it is written in two languages and three alphabets. Hieroglyphics, demotic and Greek. This gave scholars the opportunity to use the Greek translation to try and decipher the ancient Egyptian script.

Expanding on the work done by English polymath Thomas Young, French scholar Jean-François Champollion published the first translation of the hieroglyphics of the Rosetta Stone in 1822. He determined that the ancient Egyptian writing system incorporated both phonetic and ideographic units.

This was the first time that hieroglyphics had been successfully interpreted. It allowed the translation of many other records from ancient Egyptian civilisation. An amazing discovery!

While the original importance of this great discovery must be recognised, I was very interested to learn that the term “Rosetta Stone” has become a phenomenon in itself.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the phrase has entered language usage as an idiomatic way to express “a key to some previously undecipherable mystery or unattainable knowledge”. The Rosseta Stone!

Indeed, the discovery last year of fossilised skeletons of the possible ancestor of humans in South Africa was described as “the Rosetta Stone of humanity”.

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TUI-Group Testimonial 205 × 46 EN

Ian Chapman – Director of Holiday Experience –

“Lingua Translations provides instant multi-lingual options for TUI’s 24/7 Holidayline, so 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year TUI’s customers are connected to an interpreter instantaneously. This service is designed to help holidaymakers who find themselves in difficulty and require non-English language assistance.

The service offered by Lingua Translations provides us with instant translation for every destination we travel to, and has proved invaluable.”

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