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Swansea or Mar de Cisnes?

Swansea City took the football world by storm in 2011 when they entered the Premier League, and over the past two years, their success has gone from strength to strength, topped off with a League Cup final win against Bradford last week.

In recent years, Swansea City football club have invested effort and money in new players, bringing them in from various countries including The Netherlands, Belgium, Israel, Germany, South Korea and predominantly Spain.

The influx of Spanish players began during Roberto Martínez’s time as Manager from 2007 until 2009, when he brought in Angel Rangel and Andrea Orlandi, and moved the side over to a more ‘Spanish way’ of playing football. Since then, other Spanish players to join Swansea City include Jordi Gómez, Guillem Bauzá, Miguel Pérez Cuesta (Michu), José Manuel (Chico) Flores and Pablo Hernández.
In the current squad, only the four amigos remain; Angel Rangel, Michu, Chico Flores and Pablo Hernández, but they are having a huge impact on the team as a whole.

Angel Rangel was the first of these Spanish players to join the Swans and has been with the club since their League One days. He has made 219 appearances for Swansea City to date and has scored a total of 7 goals. Michu signed a three year contract with the Swans in 2012 and has since made 25 appearances and scored 15 goals. In a recent interview, Michu said he is very happy here in Swansea, and explained that aside from playing the sport he loves and enjoying the city, he will return home to Spain one day with the ability to speak an important language. Chico Flores, who began his football career with his home side, Cádiz CF, also joined the team in 2012 and has made a total of 19 appearances for the side. Pablo Hernández moved from Valencia CF to Swansea City in 2012 for a club record fee of £5.55 million. He has since made 19 appearances, scoring 3 goals. Hernández has also been playing for his national team, Spain, since 2009.

Swansea City FC has always had loyal, die-hard fans, but the city has gone football mad since the Swans entered the Premier League in 2011. Club profits rose to £14.6 million and work began on expanding their home ground, the Liberty Stadium. Swans fans all turned up to show their support for their team in the League Cup Final in Wembley Stadium on 24th February, and again to show their pride at the win, crowding the streets of Swansea just to catch a glimpse of the Victory parade.

As a Swansea-based company we were thrilled about the win last week and with a strong Spanish presence in the office as well we never miss a chance to catch up on the latest about the team. We agree with Michu that language is important and here at Lingua Translations we have a wealth of experience in Sports translation.

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