Interpreting FAQs

What type of interpreting service do you need?

The type of interpreting service that you need will depend entirely on the form of the interpreting even that you are organising.

Simultaneous Interpreting

This mode of interpreting is ideal for conferences, seminars and congresses. The speech is relayed to the event attendees in real time and the interpreter works from an acoustically isolated booth, receiving the speech through a headset. The task of the simultaneous interpreter is extremely difficult, as he or she must then relay speech in the target language as quickly and as accurately as possible, while continuing to listen to the next sentence spoken and considering how to render it in the target language. Simultaneous interpreting takes an incredible short-term memory and high levels of concentration, which is why for simultaneous interpreting assignments, two interpreters will work in a team; if only one interpreter was assigned for a long technical conference, the target listeners would find the quality and accuracy of translation dropping as the interpreter became increasingly tired.

Sounds complicated? This is why at Lingua Translations we understand how crucial it is to provide our customers with well-trained, experienced and professional interpreters, especially at important international events like conferences. This is why all of our simultaneous interpreters are degree-qualified and have at least five years’ professional interpreting experience, so you can be assured that your message will be transmitted accurately and professionally to your listeners.

Consecutive Interpreting

This mode of interpreting is used in press conferences and interviews, performances and product presentations, small meetings, official lunches and dinners, etc. In the modern world much interpreting is now simultaneous, but consecutive interpreting can be more suitable for small groups. The interpreter will listen to the speech, taking notes if necessary, and will then relay the message after it has been spoken. A well-trained interpreter will be able to relay up to ten minutes of speech, although with something like an interview, they might interpret on a sentence-by-sentence basis.

Whispered Simultaneous Interpreting (a.k.a. Chuchotage)

This is a form of simultaneous interpreting, but the interpreter does not need technical simultaneous interpreting equipment. Instead, the interpreter, who is situated next to target language listeners, whispers the translated message to them. It tends to be used when there are a very small amount of target listeners, which would make interpreting with technical equipment either unnecessary or too costly. This mode is suitable for occasions where there may be just one or two speakers of the target language and the whispering of the interpreter will not disrupt proceedings.

Telephone Interpreting

This mode is conducted via telephone in those cases when meeting in person is not possible, or if the need for interpreting services is irregular and/or immediate. It is efficient, affordable and can be done almost instantly, wherever you are in the world.

Lingua Translations has its own dedicated telephone interpreting service, Lingua Translations Talk, which is the chosen telephone interpreting service of global companies such as Thompson Holidays and First Choice Holidays as well as not-for-profit organisations such as Language without Limits.

How much do your interpreting services cost?

Naturally, the cost of the service provided will depend on various factors, including the duration of the assignment, the languages involved, the mode of interpreting (for example, simultaneous interpreting requires two interpreters) and the location of your event. If you contact us, one of our experienced project managers will be only too happy to have a chat with you about your requirements and come up with a more precise quote.

I work in a specialist sector and need an expert linguist for my conference. Can you provide me with an interpreter with specialised and technical knowledge?

Just as our translators have wide-ranging and diverse specialisms to suit your exact specifications, our extensive worldwide network of professional interpreters are also experts in their chosen domains. The team at Lingua Translations work hard to find the right linguist for your assignment with relevant expertise in your subject area. Leave your assignment with one of our capable Project Managers and you can be assured of a worry-free and seamless interpreting service at your event, meeting or conference.

How can I get hold of the equipment needed for simultaneous interpreting? Can you source this for me?

No worries! We’re here to take care of all your technical equipment needs, from interpreting booths, to microphones, headsets, transmission systems, interpreter consoles, mixers, recording devices and any other equipment that you need. We’ll even provide fully trained technical staff to ensure that your event goes without a hitch. You won’t have to worry about a thing!

The details of my meeting are highly confidential – how do I know that they’ll stay that way?

At Lingua Translations we take customer confidentiality extremely seriously. All of our interpreters sign full Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) with us before undertaking any kind of interpreting work. Rest assured that the information and ideas discussed at your meeting will remain private, confidential and secure.

Do you offer your interpreting services outside of the UK?

Of course! Our interpreters are based all over the world and we go where you need us, it’s as simple as that. For assignments abroad (or indeed any assignment), your professional interpreter can be with you every step of the way, assisting you and interpreting for you while you travel, or she or he can meet you directly at your event. It is our job to adapt our services to your needs and to provide the most convenient and suitable option for you.

If you ever find yourself in urgent need of interpreting services, don’t forget that our international telephone interpreting service, Veritas Talk, is available from anywhere in the world, 24/7 and 365 days a year! We’ll ensure that you never find yourself without an interpreter when you need one.

Why should I choose Lingua Translations for my interpreting needs?

Unlike many translation agencies, Lingua Translations was founded by professional linguists, and are therefore in the best position to understand your language requirements and judge the language skills and expertise of our interpreters. We have one of the strictest vetting procedures in the industry, and all of our interpreters must be qualified to at least degree level and have at least five years’ professional experience before they’re let loose in the interpreting booth!

Most of all, you should choose Lingua Translations because we take great pride in the quality of the language services we provide, and the satisfaction of every single client is of the utmost importance to us. Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced project managers about your interpreting needs. You’ll have made the right choice!

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TUI-Group Testimonial 205 × 46 EN

Ian Chapman – Director of Holiday Experience –

“Lingua Translations provides instant multi-lingual options for TUI’s 24/7 Holidayline, so 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year TUI’s customers are connected to an interpreter instantaneously. This service is designed to help holidaymakers who find themselves in difficulty and require non-English language assistance.

The service offered by Lingua Translations provides us with instant translation for every destination we travel to, and has proved invaluable.”

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