Pâles-tu l’Jèrriais?

Published 24th April 2012
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Pâles-tu l’Jèrriais?

Have you ever heard of Jèrriais? As a provider of language translation, we are always interested in rare languages, and I hope that those who haven’t heard of this language before find the blog informative.

Jèrriais is the form of the Norman langage spoken in Jersey, the British Crown Dependency located just off the coast of France. It is referred to by some as ‘Jersey French’, but in order to avoid any confusion between Jèrriais and the administrative language Jersey Legal French, some prefer to call it ‘Jersey Norman’.

The language closely resembles standard French, but with some key differences in phonology, orthography, vocabulary and word order. For example, the sounds ‘tch’ and ‘dg’, which are not used in French, are used in Jèrriais, as are such letter combinations as ‘ouo’ and ‘aithe’. Adjectives can also precede nouns in Jèrriais, in contrast to French grammar norms.

Even though a study by Cambridge University last year warned that the language was set to die out completely, around 3000 people still speak Jèrriais, and the community is keen to keep its language alive. In this spirit, here are a few useful phrases for if you find yourself in Jersey:

How are you?Coumme est qu’ous êtes?
I’m fine, thanks. And you?Jé sis d’charme, mèrcie, et vos?
What’s your name?Tch’est qu’est vot’ nom
My name is…Man nom est … / Jé sis … / Jé m’appelle …
GoodbyeÀ bétôt, À bi, À la préchaine, À tantôt

For more information about the Jèrriais language, click here.
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