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Published 4th June 2013
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Welcome to the team!

My name is Carol and this is my first day at Lingua Translations! I am very fortunate to have been offered a 3 month internship here, which constitutes part of the MA course in Interpreting and Translating at  Swansea University.

Here is a little bit about my background. I was born in Germany to a Welsh father and an Argentinian mother and lived there until the age of 14. English was spoken at home, German outside of the home. My mother is from the Welsh colony in Patagonia so her first language is Welsh, which she taught my Welsh father! She also taught him Spanish, which is a language I personally learnt later at university. She and I often speak Spanish to each other and she does her best to get me to learn Welsh. This is definitely on my to-do-list in life!

Languages therefore feature prominently in my life

Languages therefore feature prominently in my life, both on a personal and vocational level. Since leaving university, languages have always featured in my jobs. From working as a customer service assistant in Germany to working as a PA in Spanish and German companies here in Wales. Sadly the German company which I worked for closed… However this just meant a career redirection! After successfully completing a CELTA course at Swansea University, I taught English at a college in Cardiff before embarking on my MA course. My career aim is to be able to offer both translating and interpreting services from German to English.

So, the course is nearing the end, now it is time to gain some valuable experience! And what better place to do this than a multi-award winning provider of language solutions situated right on my doorstep!

Not only will I experience first-hand the day-to-day workings of such a company, but I will be working on a very special project – the Lingua Translations University Challenge! This is a translation contest open to students of universities anywhere in the world. Offering the winners valuable prizes which will help them to get that all important foot on the language ladder. This is my first experience at project management, especially one on this scale. It promises to be a fascinating and wonderfully challenging next 3 months!

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