Whether you are looking for a technical, medical or legal translation, or a simple letter, we can help you.

Whether you are looking for a Swedish translation for something technical, legal or medical, or simply a letter, we can help you.

We will equip you with knowledge and methods, enabling you to communicate in the correct written Swedish form, whether you are targeting an audience in Sweden or Finland, we can help. Remember not to pick the wrong one and don’t assume that all Swedes speak English, they may well do but talking to someone in their own language is far more effective – and above all respectful.

We offer a professional Swedish to English and English to Swedish language translation service, and more. Here is some information which you will find useful as the Swedish language is full of interesting facts and essential tips when you are looking to communicate effectively in Swedish speaking countries.

Lingua Translations is well known for its quality-driven Swedish translation services. We will equip you with knowledge and methods, enabling you to communicate in the correct written form of Arabic, so can reach your target audience with ease and confidence.

Location: Northern Europe
Population: 9.6 million
Language Family: North Germanic
Related Languages: Danish and Norwegian
Number of Global Speakers: About 9 million people as a native language

About Sweden

Sweden is a wealthy and developed member of the European Union, ranks within the top 10 countries in terms of GDP per capita and is a world leader in investment. Currently, over 1,000 British companies are operating in Sweden including big names like GlaxoSmithKline, BP, British Airways and Burberry. Businesses around the world are recognising the endless opportunities presented by Sweden for investment and growth and are choosing to look to this successful Scandinavian country when planning to expand their business abroad. Current sectors presenting huge business opportunities are transport and infrastructure, the pharmaceutical industry and renewable energy, among others. The wealth of documentation, correspondence and legal contracts that are being produced, as well as an increasing number of business meetings and conferences between Swedish and international businesses, has resulted in a corresponding demand for high quality Swedish translation and interpreting services.

Sweden is also at the epicentre of a new boom in literary translation. Giants of the crime writing world such as Henning Mankell and Stieg Larsson have sparked a growing international interest in Scandinavian literature, particularly the crime genre which is now known as “Nordic noir”. Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series had sold 80 million copies worldwide by 2015, with British audiences contributing massively to his success. More recently, The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson also met with rave reviews. The British appetite for Scandinavian literature means that there is a constant demand for skilled native Swedish translators who specialise in the literary genre.

Swedish in Finland

Swedish is a minority language in Finland and is actually an official language of Finland alongside Finnish. There are around 300,000 Swedish-speaking Finns, or more precisely 5.4 per cent of Finland’s population. They see themselves either as a separate ethnic group or as a distinct nationality. They even have their own unofficial flag! Finland Swedish is a dialect of standard Swedish and is intelligible to Swedes from Sweden. Although many Swedish-speaking Finns are bilingual, there are still tens of thousands who are monolingual, particularly in the case of the Åland Islands, an autonomous region of Finland.

However, Finland Swedish can differ considerably due to the influence of the Finnish language. Particularly among young people in Sweden, it is common to borrow words from Finnish or to “Finnish-ise” Swedish words, meaning that those who speak standard Swedish would struggle to understand. Finland Swedes also have a very different accent, which has the potential to hamper understanding. Finland Swedish is regulated by the Institute for the Languages of Finland, which aims to prevent the Swedish spoken in Finland from becoming too different to standard Swedish. For this reason, the Institute fights against the use of loan words from Finnish. Here are some examples of vocabulary differences due to the influence of Finnish:

doka (coming from the Finnish verb dokata) means “to get drunk”, but in Swedish it is supa.
hassa (from the Finnish hassata) means “to waste” but in Swedish it is slösa.
lunta (from the Finnish luntata) means “to cheat” but in Swedish it is fuska.

Differences between Swedish and English that have the potential to cause translation problems

As a Germanic language, Swedish shares many grammatical features and often similar vocabulary to English. There are therefore not as many pitfalls to translating from/into Swedish as there are some other languages with different roots. However, there are small features that differ with the potential to trip up the unwary, for example the lack of the continuous tense in Swedish, which could lead to mistakes in English such as “I do my homework”, rather than “I am doing my homework”.

There are also small differences in punctuation, numbers and measurements, which need to be taken into account in order to produce a fully localised translation.

To measure distances, either kilometres or Swedish miles are used. Swedish miles are different to English miles – one Swedish mile is around 10 kilometres! This is the potential to be very confusing and lead to mistranslations,
Like with many other languages, decimal points used in English become commas in Swedish, for example 3,14,
However, there is not a point separating large numbers – instead this is a space, for example
1 000 000,

When using bullet points, there is a comma after every point apart from the last, where there is a full stop (as we’ve done throughout this bullet point list!).

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TUI-Group Testimonial 205 × 46 EN

Ian Chapman – Director of Holiday Experience –

“Lingua Translations provides instant multi-lingual options for TUI’s 24/7 Holidayline, so 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year TUI’s customers are connected to an interpreter instantaneously. This service is designed to help holidaymakers who find themselves in difficulty and require non-English language assistance.

The service offered by Lingua Translations provides us with instant translation for every destination we travel to, and has proved invaluable.”

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