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Whether you are looking for Russian translation for something technical, legal or medical, or simply a letter, we can help you.

Lingua Translations is known for its quality-driven Russian translation services.

We will equip you with knowledge and methods, enabling you to communicate in the correct Russian form and enabling you to reach your target audience with ease.

We offer a professional Russian to English and English to Russian language translation service. Here is some information which you will find useful as the Russian language is full of interesting facts and essential tips when you are looking to communicate effectively in Russian speaking countries.

LOCATION Northern Eurasia
POPULATION 143 million people
LANGUAGE FAMILY Indo-European, East Slavic family
RELATED LANGUAGES Belarusian, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian
NUMBER OF GLOBAL SPEAKERS Around 144 million native speakers in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

‘Мы являемся экспертами в оказании услог выского качества в области письменного перевода с русского языка и на русский язык.’

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Russian Translation Services
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About Russian

Russian, is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. It is the language with the most native speakers in Europe, belongs to the Slavic language family and is the official language of Russia. It is also widely spoken in the Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania, making it the eighth most spoken language in the world by native speakers and sixth by number of total speakers including non-native. Russians respect their country and take great pride in their cultural heritage, and therefore expect other countries to emulate this respect (see section on Russian etiquette).

Predicted to become the largest market of consumer goods in Europe by 2020, Russia is the eighth largest economy in the world. Russia is always on the lookout for opportunities from global companies and entrepreneurs to invest in its country and there are already 600 UK companies with an established presence operating in Russia. Following the US, the EU and China, Russia is the largest market for UK good exports. Opportunities for investment include: advanced engineering, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, chemicals, consumer goods, education, energy, sport (FIFA world cup 2018), telecommunications and finance to name a few.

Russian Dialects

Russian and other East Slavic Languages (Ukrainian, Belarusian) did not change much until the 13-16th Century, known as the Middle Russian period. Old Russian is the term used for the East Slavic language used before.

Linguists vary in their opinion regarding Russian dialects and there are two groups of thinking regarding this matter. The first group states that there are two main Russian dialects ‘Northern’ and ‘Southern’. The second states there are three main Russian dialects, they are known as the ‘Northern’, ‘Central’ and ‘Southern’ dialects. Moscow lies in the central region. On top of this division in dialects it’s recognized that there are dozens of smaller variations in dialect across the country.

The dialects demonstrate individual and non-standard features of intonation, vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar. A study by Lomonosov, a Russian poet, scientist and grammarian in the eighteenth century entitled the ‘Dialectological Atlas of the Russian Language’ mapped the Russian dialects as they existed at that time.

Differences between Russian and English

The most obvious difference between Russian and English is its Cyrillic alphabet. The Cyrillic alphabet has 33 letters but this is not the hardest thing about Russian. As Russian is a Slavic language, its grammatical foundations are entirely different to English and there are very few links between the two languages. Slavic languages are composed of:

East Slavic – Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian

West Slavic – Polish, Czech, Slovak and others

South Slavic – Serbo-Croatian, Slovenian, Macedonian and Bulgarian

However, although the languages are from the same family, there are disparities between them which means that a Russian speaker may not necessarily understand everything a Bulgarian says for example.

Since the break-up of communism, English has started to have an impact on the Russian language and Russian has begun to adopt terms related to modern life which did not exist before. This new ‘language’ even has its own name ‘Runglish’!

Words include:

Russian Russian written Latin script English

Айсд кофе Aysd kofe Iced Coffee

Брокеры Brokyeroy Broker

Инвестиция Investiziya Investment

Мейкап Maeikap Make up

Сендвич Seindvich Sandwich

Most of these loanwords appear as a result of the influences of technology, business and mass media and have been widely adopted and feature in contemporary Russian dialogue.

Grammatically, Russian is a difficult language for the non-speaker. The particular concept of verbs of motion for example is a tricky one to understand. For example with the verb to go by foot, идти (idti) is different to ходит (hodit). The first means movement in one direction, on one occasion. The latter movement that happens on a regular, repeated basis. There are 14 pairs of verbs of motion relating to movement. This can be very tricky to understand for someone learning Russian.

Russian has three genders, masculine feminine and neuter. These nouns change form according to the case they are in. There are six Russian cases: nominative accusative, prepositional, genitive, dative and instrumental.

Case Role

Nominative Who? What? Is doing the action The man is eating

Accusative Shows the object of an action. I read the newspaper.

Prepositional Shows what or who the object of speech and thought is. The cat is on the mat.

Genitive Belonging – something (somebody) belongs or refers to something. Equivalent ‘of’ in English The stairs of the building

Dative Something is given or addressed to the person (object) I go to the doctor

Instrumental Shows what is helping something be done I eat with a fork

As a result adjectives are also masculine, feminine and neuter and they too have different endings depending on the case!

As an agency based on providing the highest quality translation in the industry, we recognise as professional linguists the importance of ensuring that only native speakers of their language carry out the translation of your work. For that reason we only work with professional native speaking Russian translators so that we can offer you the highest quality Russian language services as possible for any project. All our Russian translators are vetted following the strictest standards in the industry and as well as being native speakers of their language, must be degree qualified and have at least 5 years’ experience working in the field.

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Ian Chapman – Director of Holiday Experience –

“Lingua Translations provides instant multi-lingual options for TUI’s 24/7 Holidayline, so 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year TUI’s customers are connected to an interpreter instantaneously. This service is designed to help holidaymakers who find themselves in difficulty and require non-English language assistance.

The service offered by Lingua Translations provides us with instant translation for every destination we travel to, and has proved invaluable.”

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