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Lingua Translations is well known for its quality-driven Lithuanian translation services. We will equip you with knowledge and methods, enabling you to communicate in the correct written form of Lithuanian, we can help. Remember not to pick the wrong one!

We offer a professional Lithuanian to English and English to Lithuanian language translation service, amongst others. Here is some information which you will find useful as the Lithuanian language is full of interesting facts and essential tips when you are looking to communicate effectively in Lithuanian speaking countries.

Location: Eastern Europe. Borders with Belarus, Latvia, Poland and Russia.
Population: 3.6 million
Language Family: Baltic, oldest surviving Indo-European language.
Related Languages: Latvian
Number of Global Speakers: 4 million people

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About Lithuanian

Lithuania joined the Eurozone on the 1st January 2015 and the country’s economic growth is estimated at 3.1% for 2015, making it one of the fastest growing economies in the EU. Since joining the EU in 2004, Latvia has received 180 million Euros in assistance and development funds to help modernise the country’s economy. The geographical location of Lithuania, plus other strengths such as funding and support for businesses, a strong transport infrastructure, and world leading ICT infrastructure make it an attractive proposition for business looking to export into the country.

Currently the UK mainly exports the following goods to Lithuania: mineral and chemical products, plastics, machinery, food and drink, tobacco products and transport vehicles. However there are areas which the Lithuanian government is encouraging investment in such as energy, infrastructure, education and training, life sciences and ICT.

Lithuanian vs Latvian

Lithuanian and Latvian are the only two Baltic languages that are still spoken today. Lithuanian, is a very old language which is related to Latin and Ancient Greek. It is thought to be the oldest surviving Indo-European language with elements and has links with the ancient Indian language Sanskrit.

Lithuanian Sanskrit English
Sūnus  – Sunus  – Son
Vyras -Vira – Man
Avis – Avis  – Sheep
Dūmas – Dhumas – Smoke
Pads – Padas  – Sole
Ugnis Agnis Fire

70% of Lithuanians understand or speak Russian due to historical and political circumstances. In the Vilnius region, Polish is another language that is widely spoken/understood. That said Russians or Poles would not be able to understand Lithuanian unless they studied it. Also there is no link between Lithuanian and Estonian which has more links to Finno-Ungric languages than Indo-European languages.

English loanwords in Lithuanian:

The influence of English and loanwords is noticeable in Lithuanian and the spelling of such words has been adapted to fit with the phonetics of the Lithuanian language. For example:

Universitetas – university
Futbolas – football
Baras – bar
Opera – opera
Kompiuteris – computer

However Lithuanian equivalents have also been created for a number of foreign words in order to minimise the amount of loanwords in the language.

Verslininkas (businessman)
Tarptautinis (international)
Žiniasklaida (media)
Spausdintuvas (printer)

Why choose Lingua Translations?

We only every work with in-country native speaking Lithuanian translators when handling all our Lithuanian translation projects. All our Lithuanian translators have at the very least five years’ professional experience in the translation industry and are educated to degree level and above. We are proud of our vetting standards which are the strictest in the industry. We will handpick your Lithuanian translator depending on the specialism of your project. For all your Lithuanian document and interpreting requirements we are your go to Language Service Provider!

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