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There is this old song by Greek singer Antonis Kalogiannis, referring to the notorious ‘Greek kamaki’ (pick-up lines), where one can hear the memorable line “Do you like mademoiselle the Greece?”

I can only guess that the given mademoiselle has not exactly been charmed by the eloquence of this phrase…

Accordingly, if you ever find yourselves in Greece and fancy mingling with the locals without sounding as awkward as the above must sound to an English-speaking person, here are some useful phrases from the Greek language for your everyday exchanges:

Hello – Γεια σας [yah sahss]

How are you? – Τι κάνετε; [tee kah-neh-teh]

Fine, thank you. (And you?) – Καλά, ευχαριστώ. (Και εσείς;) [kah-lah ef-khah-rees-toh (keh ehsees]

What is your name? – Πώς σε λένε; [pohs seh leh-neh] / My name is… – Με λένε…/ Ονομάζομαι… [με le-neh …/ ono-mah-zomeh…]

Nice to meet you – Χάρηκα / Χαίρω πολύ [ha-ree-ka / heh-ro po-lee]

Please – Παρακαλώ [pah-rah-kah-loh]

Thank you (very much) – Ευχαριστώ (πολύ) [ef-hah-rees-toh po-lee] / You’re welcome – Παρακαλώ [pah-rah-kah-loh]

Yes – Ναι [neh] / No – Όχι [oh-hee]

Excuse me – Συγγνώμη [see-ghno-mee] / I’m sorry – Λυπάμαι [lee-pah-meh]

See you later – Τα λέμε [ta le-me] / Goodbye – Αντίο [ahn-dee-oh]

I don’t understand – Δεν καταλαβαίνω [dhen kah-tah-lah-veh-no]

I can’t speak Greek [well] – Δεν μιλώ (καλά) ελληνικά [dhen mee-loh kah-lah eh-leenee-kah]

Do you speak English? – Μιλάτε αγγλικά; [mee-lah-teh ang-glee-kah]

Help! Βοήθεια! – [voh-ee-thee-yah]

Good morning – Καλημέρα [kah-lee-meh-rah] / Good evening – Καλησπέρα [kah-lee-speh-rah]

Good night – Καληνύχτα [kah-lee-neekh-tah]

For more information about Greek language translations, please visit our Greek translation service page.


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