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The art of technical translation

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The art of technical translation

Technical translation is best left to experts. There could be dramatic repercussions if it were put in the wrong hands! A misinterpretation of a term in, for example, the safety instructions issued to a machinery operator could endanger his/her life or these of his/her colleagues. Technical translation has a very broad meaning. It encompasses a wide variety of fields such as manufacturing and processing, IT, automotive, electronics, engineering, medicine…

Over the last few decades, an ever increasing international community of engineers, researchers, and scientists has developed. Along with this expansion an even greater need for accurate translation of technical documents. Such as patent documentation, scientific journal articles, product specifications documents, user guides and instruction manuals has emerged. In fact, according to some academic research, technical translations account for more than 90% of the translation of the professional world output. One difficulty with technical translation stems from the fact that with scientific and technological developments a large number of new terms are constantly added.

Technical translators need to constantly update their knowledge in order to be familiar with all associated vocabulary in their subject area.  The complexity of the terminology of technical texts requires a perfect mastery of both source and target language. An in depth knowledge of the subject area and its related terminology is also needed. It is no wonder that many technical translators have had a professional experience related to their subject field before they actually turn to translation.

At Lingua Translations, we are confident that you will be impressed by our service. We can offer:

  • A dedicated Project Manager assigned to you
  • Translations carried out by a professionally qualified native speaker
  • Translations thoroughly checked by a qualified linguist
  • A punctual and competitively priced service

For more information on our technical translation services, please contact us directly.





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